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EZ Auction AdTemplate Packs

As well as the 5 designs included with our software, you can also purchase additional templates to load in to EZ Auction Ad. These will be bundled in to packs and will be themed.

The first pack is now available and includes 20 simple but eye catching colored variations..


Template Pack 1

Template Pack 1 - Design 1
Template Pack 1 - Design 1
Template Pack 1 - Design 1

These simple designs will really make your eBay listings stand out and with a selection of 20 color and header variations you will always find a design to suit the item you are listing. Remember, you just load the template in to EZ Auction Ad and hit the "Preview" button. If you like the look of it then fine but if not, just load another template in and your wording will be exactly the same, just the template will change. It's a great way to see your listing before submitting to eBay.

Pack 1 costs just $17 and is available for immediate download after payment.

To see live examples of all 20 designs in Pack 1 click the links below.

Pack 1 Preview


To purchase, just click the button below and you may download the templates after payment. The price for all 20 templates is just $17.

Order Now.

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